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       We firmly believe that our success comes from our unwavering commitment to human resources. We firmly believe that job training is the best way to promote your personal skills rapidly. We are  creating opportunities for training and we creat a platform to cultivate the rapid growth of staff constantly,encouraging employees to take the initiative to learn to continuously improve their ability and quality, thus becoming the energy source of the development of the company, so that enterprises base industry.

        A person is great because of great dream, succeeded in action, and changed by learning. We advocate happy running to healthy live, advocate reading and learning the spirit of civilization; we refuse to seniority, refused to stop; a person can go very quickly, but a group of people can go very far, walk with a great company can go further. The company will provide vast space for staff to display the talent  and and provide with generous treatment. We hope that you will join us sincerely, let's make our dreams come true together!

        Join us, dream will come true at your fingertips!

Resume delivery:

Recruitment Tel: 0591-63661509

Candidates Address: Building 25, Section C, Software Avenue, No. 89,Tongpan Road, Gulou District, Fuzhou, Fujian

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